Innovative Learning

Welcome to the first post in my innovative learning Blog. This blog will point out issues, trends and technologies related to changing the system of learning in higher education.

Please see my discussion paper to start the conversation
Here are a few links that I used in the talk to launch this site:

I mentioned the Khan academy.
Here is a TED talk explaining how it emerged. There are a number of similar stores of free learning content online.

I presented part of an example student presentation on YouTube.
I presented an example student portfolio.
I presented an example of what is happening with online interactive textbooks. This is Apple’s version
Finally, I used a clip from a performance by the stand up comedian Eddie Izzard to illustrate that the user experience of a system may not always be as smooth as the designer would hope for (or the media portrays). Here is a link to the full clip – Warning! the full clip has some strong language.