2nd ASU Learning Innovation Showcase

This time last year, we launched the ASU learning Innovation Showcase to demonstrate innovative work in teaching and learning occurring at ASU, and to connect the participants in new collaborations (see Feb 2016 entry). The event garnered great reviews and we promised to do it again on a larger scale. You can see by some of the pictures below that that is what we achieved. On January 11, 2017, we filled a ballroom with seventy-six diverse presentations, and had visitors not only from the ASU community, but external visitors from community colleges, libraries and museums.


In addition to our institute’s labs and support services, this year we were joined by a number of associated centers for research:

The Institute for Humanities Research and the ASU Library  were also co-sponsors of the event. I was particularly pleased to see librarians taking an active role in promoting teaching and learning. Having previously worked in a school of library and information science, I know the role of the librarian is fast evolving along with the changes in technology. Librarians are very qualified to help faculty innovate learning in the digital age.

The list of presentations is available here. The list will be updated soon to include abstracts, posters, and some videos.