Following up our showcase event last month we now have a colloquium series of excellent speakers.

Val Shute is a professor of education at Florida State University.  While many people talk about 21st century learning, fewer talk about the need for a 21st century assessment to go with it. Dr Shute’s work around the idea of stealth assessment is a good example of new work on thinking about assessment.

Amy Baylor is currently a program officer at the National Science Foundation and talked about her work on designing virtual humans for teaching and learning. The reactions are not always what you might expect.

The good news about our colloquiums is that we are now able to record them. So rather than me describing more about the work, please visit the links above and view both these talks.

Following up on the last post here is a video of the showcase showing the energy of the event:

Abstracts, posters and videos of many of the presentations are now available here.


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